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When a home has been properly tidied up and cleaned, weight seems to lift off of it and peace settles in. Selective Cleaning wants to give that peace to more people in the greater Los Angeles area.

“It’s more than just housekeeping. We are taking care of your home,” founder Emily Prishchenko says. “I love to help people and be a part of their lives. I love seeing the before and after — everything shiny clean and nice. Clients are happy and satisfied. We’re helping people have a better life.”

Emily founded Selective Cleaning in 2016, but has been doing the job herself since 2013. She finds the work therapeutic, and loves giving the gift of clean, organized homes to her clients. She formed the company because she sees a need for more people like her.

“I want to teach people the trade because I am around a lot of people who are looking for work or looking for cleaners,” she says. I’ve worked for good companies and bad companies — and companies that don’t teach. I want to actually build something bigger and better here in Los Angeles where clients are satisfied, the work is guaranteed, workers learn and it’s fun. This is the perfect medium for me to teach people, create jobs and help more people be happy in their homes.”

Selective Cleaning uses only environmentally friendly products not only for the Earth, pets and children, but because other products leave terrible finishes on furniture — and most of all to protect workers, who are around the products all the time. 

Selective Cleaning cares about its customers and its workers. We have built our company on relationships and mutual respect. We want to make your home cozy and comfortable with people you trust and welcome into your lives. We want to bring you peace.


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      We us pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.


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  This is hands down one of the best cleaning services I've used in a long time. The cleaners provided me with a all natural clean up for a small gathering. Professional,efficient, and very reliable I definitely will be using their services again in the near future!

thumb Rae B.

  Emily was referred to me by one of my neighbors. I'm very picky, having had excellent and not so good cleaners. Emily was more than up to the job. She is thorough, spotless and efficient. I'm not the best housekeeper, but you'd never know that on Tuesday afternoons, when my apartment sparkles and everything is in its place. And because Selective Cleaning uses such quality products, my place smells clean and fresh, not like antiseptic. Sometimes we'll even decide together to light a candle just to make it extra cozy -- cozy is another of her specialties! If you, too, have high standards, I highly recommend Selective Cleaning Services.

thumb Becca R.